We Provide The Solutions
To Grow Your Business

SME ALBANIA provides a platform for education and training and providing knowledge to empower entrepreneurs to achieve success in their business activities.
The Institute provides an opportunity to existing entrepreneurs to learn and understand new things and concepts while running their businesses so that they can be capable to tackle the issues and problems related to the business and industry. The Institute focuses on boosting entrepreneurs with the confidence to succeed in business and to survive in the competitive markets. It formulates the support mechanism and devises entrepreneurship development programs to assist the present and prospective entrepreneurs in their business growth. The Small and Medium Entrepreneurs need to constantly upgrade their knowledge about their business activities, the competition, opportunities available in Albania and abroad, managing their budget and formulate strategies to increase sales and profitability.


Training Programmes, Seminars, Workshops

  • How to start a Business?
  • How to start exporting business?
  • Marketing and sales plan
  • Marketing and finance managment

Support Services

  • Preparing project reports
  • Financial and Business proposals
  • Export Documentation and procedures


  • Encourage individuals to enter into business activities
  • Identify training needs of prospective and existing entrepreneurs
  • Impart business management skills and concepts

Study Tours

We provide exchange programs for our young entrepreneurs collaborating with our partners.

Research Programmes and Initiatives

We have research programmes that are strategic, targeted, coordinated and are designed to bring and promote innovation and commercialisation within a designated field.

Good Practice Forum 2018

SME Albania, is participating in the 2018 Good Practice Forum (2018) held on 30 to 31 May 2018 in Turin, marking the final phase of the call for best practices good at “Internationalization of SMEs”